Farm 5 Friday - July 16th, 2021

Farm 5 Friday.

Hello! This is Alexis with Farm Tee Company. Thank you for subscribing to Farm 5 Friday. Each week, I'll be sharing a list of 5 farm & agriculture related content.

To Read:
With the ongoing drought in the West, Minnesota Governor Walz is requesting assistance for MN livestock producers and support the plan to allow for emergency haying and grazing of Conservation Reserve Program (CRP) land, which would reduce some of the grazing pressure on livestock producers land. Simultaneously, the USDA just opened enrollment for the CRP after announcing in April an increase in payments and incentives with the goal of enrolling 4 million new acres. It will be interesting to see how the drought impacts enrollment -- if more farmers will enroll land and decrease herds because of the guaranteed payment from the program.

To Watch:
"How to Start a Regenerative Farm From Scratch" 
presented by Heifer USA featuring Derrick and Paige Jackson of Grass Grazed Farms in North Carolina. This video is airing this Sunday July 18th at 6pm CDT. Derrick and Paige do an amazing job on their farm and are very active members of their community. They host on the farm dinners which brings in the community to see and understand all the effort that goes into their farm. You can join the premiere of the video on Facebook here

Person to Follow:
West Texas is abundant with cattle, but until recently, it was hard for locals to get a hold of a steak raised locally. Marfa Meats, owned by Christy Miller, set out to fix that problem. Located in Marfa, TX, Marfa Meats wants their customers to see exactly where their beef comes from - literally. The producers who supply Marfa Meats are all within 50 miles of the shop. Check out Marfa Meats on Facebook, Instagram, and their website.

Recipe to Try:
Roast cuts of beef are not just a winter cut. Try this recipe for shredded beef tacos using a chuck or shoulder roast.

Quote of the Week:
"One of the hardest things to teach a child is that the truth is more important than the consequences." - OA Battista

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