Farm 5 Friday - July 9th, 2021

Farm 5 Friday.

Hello! This is Alexis with Farm Tee Company. Thank you for subscribing to Farm Tee Co. e-mails and newsletters. This is the 2nd edition of the Farm 5 Friday. I'll be sharing a list of 5 farm & agriculture related content each week that I found engaging, educating, and thought provoking.

To Read:
The Biden administration plans to pass multiple executive orders that will affect:
- how poultry farmers bring complaints under the Packers and Stockyard Act
- the "Product of USA" meat label requirements
- agriculture equipment manufacturers proprietary software and farmers' ability to service equipment
- requirements for organic raised poultry
- which water bodies the federal government can regulate under the Clean Water Act.
This is not the first time some of these regulations have been presented. Most were brought up and some even signed during the Obama administration. After President Trump was elected, many were paused or stopped all together. Now the Biden administration is bringing them back to the table. This article by Phil Gruber does a great job of explaining the political moves from each administration behind a few of the measures. You can read another article that is just a high level overview HERE.

To Watch:
Kiss the Ground documentary on Netflix.
I had seen a variety of folks on Instagram recommend this documentary. The premise of the documentary is that since the dawn of agriculture when humans first began to till and plant row crops, the entire earth's climate has been changing. The documentary goes on to discuss how humans have significantly increased the amount of carbon in the atmosphere (green-house gas) and the best way to reverse global warming/climate change is through no-till, regenerative agricultural practices.
While the documentary was thought provoking and did a decent job of explaining soil cycles, I found the documentary to be lacking of the total agriculture industry perspective since the main focus was on climate change. I came away with more questions than answers. However, I still recommend watching the documentary to know what is being promoted/marketed to consumers and agricultural professionals right now, especially with the rise in consumer interest in organic, grass-fed/finished, pasture-raised, etc labels.

Person to Follow:
Kendall Ballantine is a business woman turned 6-figures farmer who is now providing information and training for other farmers to grow their businesses with digital marketing. She has free digital downloads on her website for social media prompts, how to find your ideal customer, and a social media workbook. She provides coaching, hosts workshops, and has a podcast and blog. Checkout her blog post Beginner SEO Tips. You can find Kendall on Instagram and Facebook @marketingforfarmers and her website

To Listen:
Agriculture Today by Kansas State University Research and Extension
This is a daily podcast that features specialists and peers that discuss current events and relevant topics for all ag verticals.

Quote of the Week:
"What we obtain too cheap, we esteem too lightly." - Thomas Paine, The American Crisis, December 23, 1776

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Have a great weekend!

- Alexis

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